What is Webcasting?

Webcasting is the process of video broadcasting live over the internet. This technology operates in real-time and allows for active conversations among and between the webcaster and their viewers. Recent developments in technology have made this both an affordable and an effective tool for communication. Embracing webcasting as a marketing initiative for your company is beneficial in that it is a popular, new trend, allows for direct communication with your audience, and can portray to your customers that you are a subject matter expert.

Benefits to Webcasting

There are a host of benefits that come with utilizing webcasts for your overall marketing strategy. As mentioned above, it is a popular trend. By embracing trends you can show that your company is on top of the game. In addition, people generally enjoy visual media content, so by offering something that is both visual and interactive, you will draw in a large audience. Another major benefit to webcasting is the ability to talk with your customers in real-time. By setting up interactive chat rooms, your audience can interact with one another while also asking you questions which you can answer without delay. There are many uses for webcasting from marketing, training, and corporate communications, to press conferences and Q&A sessions with customers.

Live Event Webcasting

Live event webcasting is ideal for events where timing and interactivity are of the essence. We can provide solutions for any and all of your webcasting needs, including critical pre-event items, all required A/V and equipment, and orchestration. A dedicated team, comprised of a manager, camera director, and technical and support expert, will work with you to ensure your message and desired interactivity are delivered with success.

You can also stream high definition (HD) content without the need to install any special software or equipment. High definition content has substantially higher resolution (roughly 5 times) than standard definition.

Applications for live event webcasting include the following:

  • Internal Corporate communication
  • Shareholder messages and meetings
  • Town halls
  • Product launches
  • Keynote speaker deliveries
  • Press conferences
  • Special events
  • Training
On-Demand Archived Webcasting

On-demand webcasting is an ideal way to archive any events which have been previously webcast, helping preserve and prolong their value and the value of your website. This service provides your desired audience, be it employees, customers, or clients, with on-going access to your messages. Our strong global network of servers means that your message will always be available with reliable quality, 24/7.

Applications for on-demand / archived webcasting include the following:

  • Training and development videos
  • Educational videos
  • Promotional corporate content
  • Archives of previous live webcasts
  • Online commercials

Webinar is short for Web-based Seminar: a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web where the audience use special software to join the event.

Applications for webinars include the following:

  • Online Training and development videos
  • Educational videos
  • Promotional corporate content